April 20, 2006

Tattoo, thigh, too much makeup

One recent morning, a friend and I walked up Falkland Road at the end of a stroll around Thakurdwar. At times, I was reminded of some photographs that Annie Zaidi got me to look at some weeks ago. Like her, I was captivated by those photographs. Like her too, I found one in particular deeply moving.

So this is just an endorsement: Maya Goded's The Prostitutes of La Merced. The one in particular is here.

Has anyone attempted a similar project in Bombay, or elsewhere in India?


One Naresh (you know who you are) reminded me of Mary Ellen Mark who did such a project, on Falkland Road in the late '70s. Her book on the subject is Falkland Road: Prostitutes of Bombay. Akshay (in comments) points to a Digital Journalist photo essay of some of Mark's photographs.

Stunning, sometimes heart-breaking shots.


Anonymous said...

"born into the brothels" did something different.

BTW, the Calcutta unionisation featured in April issue of Scientific American.

Unknown said...

The Prostitutes of La Merced was a photo feature charged with feeling.

Mary Ellen did a feature on Falkland Road in the 70s a brilliant work by itself.
Here's the gallery