August 30, 2004

Hit the Road

Found this place where you can make a map of the countries you've visited. Thanks, Roshan.

Is there anything better than travel? OK, don't answer that and I won't either. But I'm constantly longing to get on the road again. And while I can't, there's always the delights of travel writing to savour. Three of my favourites:

Pico Iyer is superb -- check "Falling off the Map" and "Tropical Classical", and certainly don't miss his novel "Cuba and the Night". Preferably, read it while visiting Havana, and you'll understand better why Marti said: "Dos patrias tengo yo, Cuba y la noche." Also, I was comforted to know that the statue of a bear with the inscription "BERLIN 2380 km" in Reykjavik befuddled Iyer ("Falling off the Map") just as much as it had befuddled us.

Emily Hiestand's "The Very Rich Hours" is another treat. She explores so many thoughts, lines, tangents. Just writing this here reminds me that I need to return to the book.

And finally, Salon's Don George edited a fine collection of travel essays called "Wanderlust". Iyer himself has an intro and an essay on Bali. Simon Winchester's "Romance in Romania" and David Kohn's "Hog Heaven: At the Memphis World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest" are two little masterpieces. If you never thought you'd want to visit a place where everybody's cooking meat, that last is for you.

Going back to the map -- here instead is a map of the countries I want to visit (not including those I want to return to some day). That's the ones in red. Coming?


This was once a regular blog but, after six said...

I like what you did with the map. If you head to Ecuador or Bhutan, I'm in!!


ak said...

Just one more year. Then, hopefully lots of travelling(with an empty pocket, undoubtedly). Anyway, if you're offering me a trip , why not?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Guys, guys! Let's do it soon. Set our sights closer to home, then further afield. Konkan coast for a start? What about Olympics in Beijing, 2008? The wife and I have just talked about that idea...

Dilip D'Souza said...

Neela, everyone probably should try shellfish, and then some of them find out they have an allergy (me, for example). Thuly, everyone should try travel.

Actually I think this is a serious point: more and more in this sometimes nutso world, I think everyone who can afford to do so must travel, and as widely as possible. In fact, I think it was Pico Iyer who once wrote an essay for Time where he said that a deal more eloquently than I just did. If I ever dig up a URL, I'll post it.

Laos, anyone?

John A. Shalvey said...


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