December 25, 2004

Tales From Some Baug

I'm not a fan of posts that contain just a pointer or three. But Sue Darlow's photographs of Parsis (on that site till January 11) are simply outstanding. I found them deeply moving, and was also captivated by her use of light and colour. Don't miss the delicate shot of five seated women.

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Anonymous said...

dear dilip,

thanks for posting a link to another subcontinent's exhibition of sue darlow's photographs. just to clarify the exhibition will only be featured on the site till jan 11, but it will be archived in perpetuity in the photography section. i'd like to invite you and your readers to also visit our forums and discuss it (and other things) there.

link to the sue darlow discussion (with sue participating):

the general forums page:

and also a discussion of suketu mehta's book (which i see you also blogged about):


arnab chakladar