March 30, 2005

News clips

Miscellaneous bits of excellent news and information gleaned from Bangalore newspapers.



"I, Ravi N Katti who had changed his name from originally Ravi N Katti vide affidavit dated 05.07.04 and published in daily Vijay Times on 08.07.04 is reverting back to his original name Ravi N Katti vide affidavit date 19/03/04 before Mr B Ananth Advocate & Notary, Bangalore."

Good for you, Ravi. But what about Ananth, has he changed his name?


In a Bangalore supplement, I found this one-liner:

"Wanted beautician preferably Nepali for ladies parlour. 9343-xxxxx"

What's the deal here? Are Nepalis particularly good at beauty-parlouring? Does that have something to do with the King of Nepal's current activities? "These beauticians are getting too big for their waxing machines. I'm arresting the PM! Oh, he's busy tweezing someone's eyebrows? Well, OK then."


Gangubai's name for Hubli airport

"The Hubli-Dharwar Municipal Corporation on Thursday decided to name the Hubli airport after renowned Hindustani exponent Gangubai Hangal. If the move is accomplished, it will be the first airport in the history of the country to carry the name of a classical singer. However, the Council decided against renaming Deshpande Nagar, Hubli, after Gangubai, assuming that it would be insult to the great singer."

Why an insult? Why is naming a locality an insult, but an airport not? Is Deshpande Nagar, perchance, filled with rock stars who pour scorn on Hindustani classical music? Or with singers who sing besura?


"Maintenance of Brindavan Gardens to be outsourced ... to make it more attractive to tourists."

Very good. So I suppose the Gardens will now be cleaned and repaired and whatever else over the phone, long-distance from the Philippines.


Probe panel secretary dead

"PK Sengupta, secretary to the Justice MK Mukherjee Commission for inquiry into the Disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, died at a Kolkata hospital on Thursday after a protracted illness."

Netaji Bose disappeared nearly 60 years ago. If the secretary of a commission that is inquiring into this dies today, that should tell us something. But it won't.


Wen coming on April 9

"Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiaobao will pay a 4 day visit to India from April 9."

I just know there's a Who's on First routine in here somewhere.

"The Chinese PM is coming."



"How do I know when? And Hu?"


"When is he coming?"


"That's what I asked, Hu?"



Spirited debate on prohibition

"But SS Patil had the last laugh. 'It is all fine to talk about prohibition. First let us impose it in the Legislators' Home!'"

Amen to that.


Quizman said...

Thou spake thus, "So I suppose the Gardens will now be cleaned and repaired and whatever else over the phone, long-distance from the Philippines."

Et tu, Dilip? They said outsourced, not offshored. :-)

zap said...

Cmon Quizman. Thats just some humoresque license ! :)

This was once a regular blog but, after six said...

hehe...on the "who's on first" take

Yazad Jal said...

I think quizman makes an important point. We "outsource" much more than we realise. Ever been to a restaurant to eat? Hey, you've outsourced your cooking!

Kartik said...


Going by Yazad's argument, all services would be outsourcing then!

BIG LOL at the Ravi N Katti and Wen Jiabao thing :-D


The Tobacconist said...

The last few posts with the snippets have been really cool. Good fun to read them. Nice mix.

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