March 13, 2005

Tsunami notes

In response to a few requests ... here are links to all that I wrote while travelling through tsunami-ravaged Tamil Nadu in December and January. In chronological order, starting December 31, 2004.

Fire Down Below.
Polyester? No Thanks.
SMS Dispatches.
No Thunder.
Gentle Claw.
Write It!.
3526 units and not counting.
What they sometimes do.
Muddy Waters.
SMS and an endorsement.
Those Who Have.
What kids do.
A Lesson Deserved. Or Not.
More by SMS.
Nights under saris.
Perumal and Kasambu.
Girls under a tree.
Nonsense by any other name.
Ferry Cross the Upannar.
Final few SMS transmissions.
Barnacle underwater.
The benefactor came.
60 years for a seminal moment.
In search of seminal.
Turned up noses.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being glitterati! Were there hoards of fans hovering around as in Austin? Hope you are doing well, friend -


wise donkey said...

yes this would help. but r ther other stuff . i read a piece on a collector in Indiatogether, not sure if its here. why not give external links too, if its exculded.

Anonymous said...

'Gentle Claw' is a masterpiece.


Dilip D'Souza said...

Thanks, Karthik! It was a hard morning, that one.

And Leslie, no fans! Just family and some friends. Why weren't you there?

Anonymous said...

This is Dhanoosh again - the AID-INDIA volunteer from Atlanta. I see that my posts were removed, instead of my questions to Dilip being answered.

Those questions again were:

Our faculty advisor, Associate Professor Govindaraj (whom the AID Press Release wrongly inflated as "Professor" which he will never be) got kicked in his Dilip by the Administration for using a meeting with the Maharashtra CM to push an AID-generated Petition about slum-dwellers' rights. We all spent many hours campaigning and getting signatures for this Petition.

We are all VERY ANGRY at the Mumbai BigShots who are behind the Slum Demolition

Now I find that J.B. D'SOUZA is one of the BigShots who APPROVED the brutal slum demolition.

And DILIP D'SOUZA writes articles supporting his daddy's business ventures like these.

Question 1: WHY didn't you stop your Daddy, Dilip? Didn't care about the slum-dwellers?

Question 2: How can you sleep, Dilip (at night, or during the day because you don't do any work) knowing your guilt in this?

Question 3: Why did you censor my questions, Dilip?

Reminds me of the whiny rich brats who would run home to Momma with their cricket bats when they were given out by the umpire.

Anonymous said...

Не знаю, что именно он станет анализировать в них, мы же исследовали ТТД и ТТХ зенитовцев с точки зрения среднего игрока чемпионатов «большой пятерки». У таких футболистов показатели должны колебаться между 85 и 100.
Результаты — занимательны. У признанного лучшим в «Зените»-2005 Андрея Аршавина этот показатель — на минимальном искомом уровне (85).

Anonymous said...

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