May 11, 2005

Denis (from Paris)

For at least three days now, this ad has appeared in the "Personal" column in the Times of India:

    LEELA, je t'aime. Je ne peux vivre sans toi, je suis fou de toi. Tu es la femme de ma vie. I miss you. I love you. Denis (from Paris).


    LEELA, I love you. I cannot live without you, I am crazy about you. You are the woman of my life. Tu me manques. Je t'aime. Denis (de Paris).

Well, Leela? What are your feelings for Denis?


Anonymous said...

That's the best thing I've heard all week! Take me, I'm yours Denis. :-)

Anonymous said...

> Je ne peux vivre sans toi;
> je suis fou de toi

"I can't live without TOI; I'm mad about TOI"?

Sounds like subliminal advertising to me. Oh wait, perhaps it's not so subliminal after all.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Leela, glad you found Denis! I know you need the good cheer. I hope your sister is responding.

Hari old man, shhh! Don't let out secrets! Many people TOIl sTOIcally for the cause, and you are letTOIng them down.