June 06, 2005

Column and a show

My Monday column for Mid-Day is here.


Tonight (Mon Jun 6) at 7 pm EDT, Amitav Ghosh will be on a new (if I'm reading it right, less than a week old!) one-hour radio show from Boston called "Open Source", hosted by Chris Lydon and distributed by PBS. Amardeep Singh and I will be guests on the show. (I owe this to Anand).

Click here for details of the show (that's actually a blog), and here for a list of US radio stations carrying the show. You can also stream it off the web, there are links on those pages which tell you how.

If you listen or call in, don't expect me to be overly coherent; I usually am not at 430 in the morning! Now to find an alarm clock that works...


R. said...

Enjoyed your Column in the Mid day! Its great to see something good come out of this incident.

Anonymous said...

about your midday column, did oyu see the 'cover story' on today's mumbai mirror - "Suspended ADC Deepak Pandey pleads with R R Patil, says he wants posting in ‘Mumbai only"
Case against Pandey
*In November, a departmental inquiry was instituted after Deepak Pandey was accused by his wife, IAS officer Nidhi Pandey, of mental and physical torture for dowry. He was suspended on November 20, 2004.
and more relevant to your post -
*In October 2002, Pandey mistreated a constable who had penalised him for speaking on the phone while driving. Pandey made the constable stand in the sun for two days outside Raj Bhavan as ‘punishment.’