June 07, 2005

Handsome than you

Real, untouched (except for names) ads from a recent dating service column.

Under "Girls Looking for Guys":
  • Hi the world is damn beautiful, would you like a true friend, I mean only if you are interested in friendship. Time passers please excuse.

Under "Guys Looking for Girls":
  • My name is Chetane, I want to meet a girl who is good natured and well mannered. As for me, I am good looking and handsome than You.

  • My name is Redkar.

  • Hi, looking for a fren, am salil from gurgaon am 28/175 good looking guy looking for a girl fren.

Under "Men Seeking Women":
  • I want someone so that my time passes as I am usually free.

  • I'm a police officer. I want a girl who is beautiful and can manager the house.

  • My name is Virendra. I'm working as a logistic. I am looking for a beautiful girl.

  • Hi, I would like to meet a woman who is calm, intelligent and caring. I like many things like reading books playing but I also do not like reading books.



What is the difference between "Guys Looking for Girls" and "Men Seeking Women", to the extent that they are different categories in this space? (Naturally the same question applies to "Girls Looking for Guys" and "Women Seeking Men").

Why would Chetane believe that the way to bring in the girls is to tell them that he is "good looking and handsome than you"?

Would the man who wants his time to pass as he is usually free send in a response to the girl who says "time passers please excuse"? Or would he say to himself, "Hey, I'm a time passer" and pass up that opportunity?

What is a "logistic"?

Why would a man seeking a woman announce that he likes reading books but also does not like reading them?

And finally, does Redkar believe that simply announcing his name will bring in the girls?


greatbong said...

Brilliant stuff Dilip---we seem to have shared interests here.

Incidentally what were you, a family man, doing leafing through "personals" ??? It is because of the fact that I would be asked the very question that I have not posted on this topic myself !

As an aside---if you have ever have the time go through Bangladeshi personals---they are a laugh riot.

Anonymous said...

This is your Best take on Personals/Classifieds, yet !

I laughed aloud a couple of times, and I am not even Redkar.
<-Whatever that means.


Sourin Rao said...

Now now behave. At least these lonely souls are using their imagination and initiative to some good, even if it does'nt come out and say what they mean.

I like the post from the Police Officer who is looking for a wife to manage his house. For other mundane things like companionship and good times together, he might just help himself to the lasses in the city !!!

Anonymous said...

nejamma sollu, you sit and make up all this in your spare time, don't you?

Anonymous said...

myself liking this very much
showing this by leaving comment despite bout of lofter. Please excuse.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Greatbong, do give me a break will you? you haven't posted on the subject, but we all know the truth, you are fervently leafing through the personals. Just as I am. Admit it! In fact, wait a sec, aren't you Redkar?

Are Bangladeshi personals in Bangladeshi language?

Chappan: he might just help himself to the lassis in the city.

True, but in this day and age, don't you think he might prefer milkshakes to lassis?

Charu, vonnukku poi sollu mudiyadhu: yes, I do make these up. In fact, I'm Redkar too, along with Greatbong.

Sourin Rao said...

You turned my "lasses" to "lassis". I didnt quite expect them to ferment so soon ?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Chappan: You turned my "lasses" to "lassis".

What can I say, I seem to have that effect on lasses...

Sachin Dev T said...

Profound !! LOL !! This struck me when everyday I see the same wordings under personals in Bangalore Times, very similar to what you listed down !! cant stop laughing !

greatbong said...

Yes Dilip...I sometimes leaf through personals to keep myself abreast of current social mores.....to see what qualities are "in demand"....

Bangladeshi personals are written in a "strange language"---as an example 2 brothers posting together as Verizon and Horizon...I wish I had the link....