June 04, 2005

I meme to say

A game perhaps called Book Tag Meme (or is it Meek Tag Boom? Took Back Mime? Ta Lu Mein?) is making the rounds, and I have sultry Annie and effervescent Yazad to thank for putting me on the spot.

Some spot.

To the questions quickly:

Total number of books I own:
Never counted.

Last book I bought:
(I think) Peter Matthiessen, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

Last book I read:
For the hundred-and-umpteenth time, Destination Moon (Tintin).

Five books that mean a lot to me:
Joel Sternfeld, American Prospects. A stunning, sad, funny, wistful book of photographs by my favourite photographer.

Jean de Brunhoff, Babar the Elephant books. Childhood memories on every page, every word, every name ("Rataxes"!), every picture.

Dave Barry, Dave Barry's Greatest Hits. Someday I wanna write humour like this man. This book has his moving, and yet funny, tribute to his father. I plan to kill the person who has not returned my copy of this one to me. If I can find him/her.

Richard Shenkman, Legends, Lies & Cherished Myths of World History. The first book a special someone gave me. I've forgiven, but not forgotten...

Me, Branded by Law. My first book. The feeling must be sort of like hitting your first Test hundred. What do you say, Rahul Dravid?

My diary. Actually now several, in which I scribble thoughts and experiences and -- sometimes -- what's on T-shirts when travelling.

That's six, in honour of my son's sixth birthday today.

And may I direct you to this.

A book that's on its way out of your house as you write this:
Julien Gracq, A Balcony in the Forest. Did simply nothing for me. Pardonnez-moi, Julien.

Others who will join me on the spot.
John Naughton

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Anonymous said...

For the hundred-and-umpteenth time, Destination Moon (Tintin).
Then shouldn't you add "Explorers to the Moon" to that list of hundred-and-umpteenth time?