June 27, 2005

Odd ends

Some odds and ends. Or, well, an odd and an end.


The National Foundation for India is looking for applications from journalists -- "early to mid-career", with 5-7 years professional experience, age limit 40 -- for its media fellowship programme. The idea of the programme is to "research and publish articles/photo essays on issues concerning the less privileged."

Unfortunately the website seems incomplete and in particular, the "fellowships" link does nothing. But I have a few brochures that I can send to those interested, send me email with a postal address. Even better, send email to info AT nfi DOT org DOT in and ask for a brochure. It's a good fellowship (I had it in 1998-99 and the work I did while on it led to my first book).


Wrote this, which sent Anurag running to his psychoanalyst. Not the reaction I might have hoped for, but the results are outstanding.

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