June 26, 2005

Terror and Tension

So I called it "Still Warm", but The Hindu changed that to Tale of Terror and Tension: an essay that's in their issue today, June 26. Either way, your thoughts welcome. (I had a shorter version in this space some months ago).

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Madhat said...

I do not know how to react to this! At one level, I am scared at the non-chalance of your friend with the entire violence thingie, though I suppose to do that job, you need to forget that you are actually killing people, something that the society looks down upon normally.
At another level, I feel scared about those who live on the borders, defending their country by putting their lives between the country's people and the 'enemy'. I suppose I will never really know what they go through everyday unless I stepped into their shoes... It is scary living a life like that; in the line of danger and all because we just cannot seem to live in peace with each other.