July 12, 2005

Married yet?

Written long before my recent trip to tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu, but after my previous trip there, this essay for the July 2005 issue of Seminar magazine.


Anonymous said...

They pick up and burn the bodies.

This is only 500 metres from Akkarapettai – 500 hard-earned metres, yes, where we have never once been sure of what we are stepping in, rarely been sure it will take our weight. Nevertheless, it is just a small distance. But apart from this team that wears badges of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), a CPM-affiliated organisation – apart from them, nobody is out this far to do this unforgiving work. Nobody.

Nobody? Nobody disposing bodies?
Well this link
clearly states that RSS helpers disposed about 1700+ bodies on Dec 31st itself.

Did you miss this little nugget on your travels or you conveniently ignoring it since you've already gone on record at Rediff (chat transcript Aug 15 '97) that "RSS does not help during calamities"

Dilip D'Souza said...

you've already gone on record at Rediff (chat transcript Aug 15 '97) that "RSS does not help during calamities".

Caught me, didn't you? Quoted me, didn't you? Good for you.

Only, here's the transcript in question. Look through it to find that the only time I mention the RSS is in this sentence: Indeed the RSS does some remarkable work, and not just during calamities.

(The next sentence is: I have problems with some of their other activities).

I guess telling the truth is hard for anonymouses. Which is probably why they remain anonymouses in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...


Your are welcome --- about correcting your claims of "Nobody" else doing the unforgiving work.

Glad that you mentioned the other sentence...I have problems with some of their other activities

Hey about the "other activities" of DFYI? No problems? Or just selective about the praising or nitpicking activities of the organization of your choice?

Telling truth (or catching a lie) is easy - especially when your own bile on blogs and articles are archived in perpetuity.