August 15, 2005

Be eager again

My every-second-Monday MidDay column. Comments welcome. Keep the flag flying.


Sourin Rao said...

Your link isnt working

Anonymous said...

Wow! My 5-year olds were today looking forward to go to a flag-hoisting. And, there was actually none...near the house, at their schools.... I guess I was a bit lazy as well with the holiday, but after reading your piece, I wish I had made the effort to find out some public function nearby! It would have made a difference to them!

Amit said...

So Happily we sing -
Sare Jahan se achachha Hindustan hamara,
hum bulbulen hainiski yeh gulistan hamara!

Mazhab nahin sikhata apas men bair rakhna
Hindi hain ham watan hai Hindustan hamara!

but we conviniently forget the attrocities that Indians have done unto other Indians, just because of the religion that they follow. Hundreds of Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and followers of other faiths have died. Indians have died. Hindustanis have died.

I share the same feelings Dilip.

Today morning me and my wife stood up in our Minneapolis appartment and told our 17 months daughter to stand next to us. We both sang the anthem with Pride.

My daughter did not stand still.... you see there were no ropes to make her do so....she actually danced thinking that we were singing a song for her... but then she and others of her generation is the future of our country.

Anonymous said...


A great article.

Independance Day and Republic Day are two days where every Indian celebrates, irrespective of religion caste or creed. Over the years i remember going to school and college every single year and celebrating the day for what it meant. Even then, i remember a lot of fellow students never came, because their parents told them its a holiday and hence a waste of time to go.

Sadly this trend is the same the world over. July 4th here is looked forward to as a day to barbeque in the backyard and not to raise the flag.

I think at least in India, there is more awareness around these days with street hawkers selling flags at signals, and a majority of students still making it to their schools (and sometimes colleges) to celebrate the days and what they stand for.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Sourin, I hope you find the link is working now? I checked and it seems to work.

Matunga man, @mit and Arzan, for me things like flag-hoisting (and birthdays for that matter) are interesting now only because of the way my son looks at them. Otherwise it's hard to avoid being jaded and cynical about them. I really don't know, Arzan, that most people here know what they are celebrating for. The "sacrifices" and so forth are too remote in history by now.

Anonymous said...

>>The "sacrifices" and so forth are too remote in history by now.
Not nearly as remote as the memories you have for your thata and patti. Why do you whine and blog about them after all they too are remote history.