August 01, 2005

Get a grip

While a lot of the men simply stand around watching, some work hard. In one corner of the landslide site, I can see five or six of these hard workers. I walk over and ask what they are doing, expecting that they will say they are clearing the rubble there.

No, no! says one. We are picking up stones to put in the mud.

Sure enough: these few men keep up a steady procession, carrying stones or other assorted rubble picked up from the remnants of smashed huts. They walk into the mud on the road and place the load carefully in the middle of channels left by the last truck that passed. Doesn't last long. The next truck that rolls over pushes the rubble deep into the mud. Never mind. At least it had a grip on the road, and anyway, even before the truck has vanished around the corner, another man is emptying more rubble onto the track.

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