August 05, 2005

A metre's worth

In one place, the writing I've done on the chaos when a metre of rain comes down on a city.


Grey thrill.
Night in the city ,too.
Not DD news.
Bombay every time.
Does not recede.
Image of a nutcase.
The way of our work.
Living Downstream (Deepika D'Souza's article).
On the road again.
Asking for the man.
Moon engineering.
Many more below.
Get a grip.
Watch that hill.
In these conditions.
An arm raised.
Will it crash again?.
9 to 5.
Only knee high.
Cut you off.


Anonymous said...

I have a request. COuld you also do some stories of people who live in the outskirts such as Kalyan, Dombivili etc. I heard Kalyan has been hit very bad. Consider that there were no trains for almost a week. These people anyway go through hell on a daily basis travelling 4 hours per day. I dread to think what they have and must be going through

Anonymous said...

I am living in delhi but as i have seen on tv the situation out there and as told to me by my aunt(massi) i think the administration hav done a lot but still there are loops to be filled up coz a CITY like MUMBAI have to have more security from such natural disasters. The politicians did something but according to me something is not enough for the BUSINESS CAPITAL of the COUNTRY.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nikhil, I had hoped to travel to Kalyan one of these last couple of days. I went instead to Mankhurd, and have not been able to find the time since. But I'm thinking about it, and I may go over the weekend or early next week. Let's see. If I do, I will write.

Anonymous said...

It is quite amazing that you cannot realize the true impact of a natural calamity unless it either happens to you or to someone/something close to you. Thousands of miles away from home, I was not able to grasp the magnitude of the Kutch earthquake, the Tsunami, the Orissa cyclone etc. fully. However, the one day of mayhem in Bombay had me shaken. I remember feeling similarly when a friend lost his life in Kashmir, before which deaths in Kashmir were just numbers in newspapers.

I am deeply saddened by what seems to be a steady disintegration (due to natural and not-so-natural causes) of the city over the last several years.