August 16, 2005

See you at 3000

One, two, three ... my column for Your comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Fredrick Forsyth mentioned once- Example of an injured America. When does America bleed? A bomb blast, relatively small scale, in New York, for example, some casualties and some injured and America Bleeds. Thats all it takes.

India is, of course, different. Riots of 84 in Delhi, 92 in Bombay and Gujrat in 2002 but court cases go on and on, numerous reports published and more coming but what has been achieved? Nothing. Zero. You rightly point out- we long for a permanent SC seat with veto, we talk about being a superpower and ofcourse our economy is on a all time high but we fail to realise something as basic as the importance of human life, that too in our own country. Disruptions like the riots are, merely, disruptions. And when life moves on after that we hail it to the spirit of the city. We do not even mourn for the lost lives of our countrymen. India never bleeds.

Your article is excellent.

F-ftOS said...

Brilliant article.

Anonymous said...

High placed criminals in India won't see a day behind bars because our IAS/IPS babus and the judges/judiciary are in bed with the politicians and will look the other way for petty favors. Dilip should know, right Dilip?

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

why do we believe that retributions and punishments alone can set right what was wrong. can't we just keep aside the entire episodes and move forward ignoring their baggage. isnt the path shown by truth and reconciliation mission in SA better than that of our 'moderate' judicial enquiries or of right wing retribution politics of modi and mugabe!

putting in place practices to prevent recurrance is what is more important in my view than punishing the guilty of what was long past. and we, as a society (not just the government) fail totally on this count while stressing whole heartedly on the punishment part of it.


Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

gist of my msg: stop dicsussing to death what happened in 47/75/84/92... if you can, punish those responsible for gujrat or even forget them and move forward. setup systems for prevention of reccurance.

these articles only fuel latent hatred in people on all sides of the divide

Anonymous said...

Dilip, your articles smell of negativity, grow up. What happened in 84, 91 and forthcoming years does not represent India. A guy throwing garbage on the road does not represent india as well. India has a broader, bigger and brighter side to it. Look at accomplishments as well, and if you cant appreciate them, quit writing and migrate to some other country, and moreover, you suck!!!!The article being published on anniversary of our independence day???what are you trying to prove? I am an indian, working in NY for Federal Reserve Bank, and if I appreciate my country's freedom across seven seas, why cant you???? All you do is point out all the negative things in your blog???You never mentioned accomplishments of Indian economy, defence achievements and global education power, all you mentioned was some corrupt politicians, some guy who threw garbage out of his car, a half naked kid ....what about the S class Mercs which your fellow indians drive?? Which they got not on basis of inherited money but their own hard earned money? thanks to education which we got from India, and the opportunities it gave to all of us!!!Some of us just crib, like you are doiing and blame the nation, and some like me, who made it big because of our hardwork.
Grow up and write constructive articles.

Anonymous said...


Great article. It is great that you take the time to dissect the issue and present the negatives that stop India from soaring.

As re: the comments by Kapil Dham Am sure you are having a bad day in office. It would have been great if you could have contributed to the issue rather than to the personality of the author.

I find it completely ridiculous for you to take such high moral ground. It is easy to sit thousands of miles away and appreciate India. I live in NYC too and most of my memories are the good ones of India. But everytime I go to India, there are issues that nag me, very small issues, but nevertheless they do nag. And this was even before i left Bombay.

A lot of people write about the good of India and rightly so, because there is a lot of good. But what is wrong in spelling out the wrong ?? And from what I make out of Dilips article's its a negative rhetoric. I am sure that all of us would love to see the issues that dilip raises, go away.

Write on pal!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Kapil Dham's comments.

For you, Mr Dham, as indicated by your comments, success means "driving S class Mercs", "getting own hard earned money" rather than "inherited" and of course the fact that you have made it "big".

You've made it quite obvious that you have misunderstood the concept of success. You see, it is not about one man we are talking of here.

You thank the "Education" that you "got from India". An example of success for us will be letting the poor children access the very same education you feel proud and indebted to. So if we are "cribbing" about things here with the purpose of getting heard, (which I am sure we are, as your comments prove)I think that is the least we can do about it. I hope I am understood.

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

" At 12:24 AM, Anonymous said ... ,
Re: Kapil Dham's comments."

What value can be attributed to a person's views when he hasnt the courage to back them with his/her identity?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jean Paul...reading all the Bushisms, we too feel sorry for US residents. Go sue Yale.

Suhail said...

Nice article Dilip. This and the previous one. Thought-provoking.

However I wonder, will the killers be punished..atleast after all these years. My optimist side says, "there is hope..maybe this time". However my practical/cynical side says, "just one more hungama that will last for few days until the same Justice Nanavati comes out with his report on Gujarat riots."

Having said that, Manmohan Singh being the PM(even if a token PM) -- it makes a very interesting case whichever way the events in coming days lead to.

Anonymous said...

But we are all hypocrites. I talk about suing yale, but as an Indian there is nothing I would like more than to go to the US and become white. I am a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dillip,

X- point
I agree with your issues about not providing justice to all these people after 21 years. It does make me angry and as angry as you are.
But what do you expect indians to do. It is very easy to pinpoint what is wrong but very very very... very hard to come up with a plan to correct it. Do you have one? Can you come up with one? The same party which was responsible is governing the centre today. Weren't you happy that it got voted back to power.
But that is a different plane altogether.

Y- point
The X point alone does not take away my right to be happy at our achievements. American/ other country students trying to get an internship in Indian company was unimaginable 10 years ago. We as Indians - not the government of India rather the middle class of india struggled to get enough techie that now other country students think they can learn from us. This is an achievement and I am proud of it. Indians are learning to grow inspite of the government hurdles.
In this case, Indians did something about their future and instead of appreciating you are angry that I am being proud of it.

Your arguement is similar to how can you be happy that you had a gandhi in your country when you had a godhse in it! How can you take away the fact that somebody as great as gandhi existed and you country paved the path for him to grow.

We demand a seat at U.N to represent and protect the voice of a billion people. This is for our protection. We cannot wait to reach a state of utopia in a country and then ask for U.N seat coz it can never happen in any country!

XYZ points are altogether not related!


Amit said...

Dilip - Nice Article - The Perpatrators of the riots (wrong word - genocide is correct) need to be punished.

What can "we" do? Any ideas?

Amit said...

I liked the last comment by renee


Anonymous said...

Fake 1:37 AM, Venu Gopal Rao:
>>>but as an Indian there is nothing I would like more than to go to the US and become white. I am a hypocrite.
Been watching too many Mickey Jackson videos buddy? Or have your head stuck in Dilip's behind? Watch it, Dilip's area of expertise is public toilets (per Varsha Bhosale at Rediff), so be careful as to where your nose leads you.

>>What can "we" do? Any ideas?
"We" can't do anything. Like papa J B D'Souza - the then cheif secretary of Maharashtra who snoozed when riots were a regular feature in Maharashtra.
Bugger even didn't get some clean public toilets in Mumbai - sorry 'Bombay'. Maybe it was his legacy so that his kiddo here could have something to write about.

Anonymous said...

Venu Gopal Rao said...

"But we are all hypocrites. ........go to the US and become white. I am a hypocrite...."

Who is the WE here pal ?? Are you talking in rhetoric, or are you speaking for everyone. Surely not the latter, I am sure.

The idea is to come here and convert everyone to become brown... & hence SEPIA MUTINY :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Dilip

Our politicians, our bureaucrats, our system takes liberty with us because we allow them to.

Consider this.

I live in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. In this colony, like most other areas of Delhi, the parking rule is: Where I park is my parking space.

Now this could be bang in the middle of the road, as I have found happening on several occasions.

But why am I talking about this when there is the very serious issue of 3000 lives lost, 21 years ago, and no justice done.

My intent is to draw attention to the fact that we don't respect the other person.

We don't respect each other; we embolden the leaders and the bureaucrats and the system to disrespect us.

The parliament debate on the Nanavati Report was ample proof of this disrespect.

And it shall continue till we begin to respect the sanctity of human life.

Rajshekhar Malaviya

Anonymous said...

Max: Thanks for flushing the impostor down Dilip's public toilet.

Arzan: Trust the impostor will answer as to who's 'we'.
Sepia Mutiny site is pretty nice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Max: Let's just be honest. Most of us Indians, myself included, are extremely insecure about the image of India abroad. so we convince ourselves this is a great country when the one thing we want to do is leave and marry white people and have white children. At least that is what I want to do.


Anonymous said...

Poor Max :-( Cheer up friend, here's couple tips to set you off to US where you can get rid of all your insecurities about India.

To start, I hope you have a degree or some level of education. If none, just ask J B D'Souza, as former chief secretary of Maharashtra he's accumulated plenty moolah and connections; so he'll easily get you a fake one with his partner the ex-MP Mrinal Gore and her friends who once pulled the ropes around Kalina University.

Then you could apply for say F1 or H1 at local consulate. If problem, ask Dilip as to how he managed to out to get F1 to do his MS in whatever. If he can do it with slipshod record, you can too. Don't worry yaar. Also, I've heard that these days dorky Dilip's even vacations in US when not commuting in second class compartments between spits of railway conductors. So he could be an expert on getting visitors visa too. Don't forget to get tips on hitting the defacting girls at Mardis Gras, read his old blog on this; should be a delightful read. You could meet you "white" girl of your dreams there.

Then you should see if J B D'Souza has a travel agency, we know he's into building colonies and societies, he could be running a travel agency too given the fact our dorky Dilip is a regular globe trotter. You could book a ticket for US from there. Yeah, high oil prices, high ticket rates, surcharge due to new Mumbai airport etc shouldn't be an issue... Dilip's philanthropy is well known, after all his daddy J B D'Souza and he contributed a lakh each generously to a rag like Telekha. So what's a couple thousand to help a fellow Indian achieve his dreams?

Good luck on your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Max said..." marry white people and have white children. At least that is what I want to do."

I dont think so...

I dont know which movie this was in but the dialogue was..."Arre, Goray to Gadhe bhi hote hai".

And as the saying goes "Blond is Beautiful but Black is sexy"

So now make up your mind.

On a more serious note.

Why does this Anonymous charlie screw up any and every discussion on this blog by making personal attacks on the blogger. Why can't we stick to the issue and discuss it. I am of course presuming that this anonymous is one and the same person. U got the balls, stand up in the crowd and be noticed. Dont hide behind the "purdha" of anonymity. Its not the done thing in a mature society, and we all are in one, however problematic it may be.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your brief Arzan dikra and don't give yourself an wedgie over anon posts\bloggers.

Why is attack on a nincompoop, no-good IAS officer who's currently in business with corrupt netas for you? Just because he's papa of your blogger? Well, all the other chaps in govt that you guys moan and whine about are someone's father/brother/sister for some other Indian too, ain't it? Bit selective directing your whine here no?

For a change ask you buddy blogger here as to what J B D'Souza did different during his tenure that that he's carping around here and elsewhere about other babus. Surely some of us would like to know.

Oh, btw, how long do you think before J B D'Souza and Mrinal Gore with her goons pay me a vist should I be NOT anonymous. As dorky Dilip say's - he's not the only one around concerned about his personal safety.

And dikra Arzan, if you aren't skepital of your own public identity, please do post your phone number and address on your blog - I'll drop by for a chat too - pani puri around Elco arcade on Hill Road in Dorky's neighbourhood or your own - say Curry in a Hurry on Lexington.
Take your pick.

Ciao and till then.

Anonymous said...


U kind of pointed to the problem at large, tangentially. The government, authority, corporation, we all have a problem with is a nameless faceless entity.Its not one person. There is always someone above him. Its more like the "Buck stops here" syndrome. This is the dilemma. The collective is to blame, not the singular.

As to my contacts, email me offline and I will gladly give it to you.

If you want to know more about me, do a google search.

As re: Curry in a Hurry, u r either not familiar with NYC, or....dont meant to be judgemental....but u got bad taste !!

Dilip, sorry am breaking my own rule, by not sticking to the issues at hand on the blog, but there is no way to get in touch with the Anon. Its like talking to a ghost !!


Anonymous said...


The government, authority, corporation, we all have a problem with is a nameless faceless entity.Its not one person.
Either we clean up the nation one street/one person at a time or sit back or whine about inaction of the collective. Former is tall order, later is easier and profitable - especially if you are a journalist.

>>The collective is to blame, not the singular.
Then why bother picking on politicians like Tyler/Sajjan/Rajiv/Rao etc or public servants like Nanavati/Mishra etc. Just because you want to join the media bandwagon and cash-in while event is still fresh in public memory? If the blame is collective as you say, we really ought to tell the victims that PM's apologized on behalf of the collective so get on with life and quite cribbing. And write to PM to not waste tax payers money on yet another commission or raise expectations of those poor victims.

Since the buck will never stop at an singular, these politicians will go scott free or at most a slap on wrist and they will in turn payoff their government babus who helped cover up with some nice juicy land deals like one offered to J B D’Souza. We know that Justice Mishra’s already collected his silver coins by getting appointed as Congress Rajya Sabha MP don’t we?

When Dilip’s pointing his index finger to other government officials and politicians, his other not so obvious fingers point inwards. I understand if me highlighting it is not palatable for Dilip’s fan club here. But if any other corrupt Indian is fair game for Dilip, he (and his fan club) should be open to accept criticisms about inactions/actions of ALL government servants without any prejudice.

>>As re: Curry in a Hurry, u r either not familiar with NYC, or....dont meant to be judgemental....but u got bad taste !!
Guess I’m guilty as charged on bad taste ;-) But then we both do read Dilip's drivel now and then. Don't we?

>>As to my contacts, email me offline and I will gladly give it to you.
We’ll be in touch one of these days.