September 12, 2005

Memory of a grave

My fornightly column for MidDay, based on this return trip through Tsunami-hit Tamil nadu, is here. Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

This is a grave, but nobody else stops here like I have. Though after the game, one of the players wanders past me and into the bushes next to the spot, pees and wanders on.

I nearly shout, there’s a woman buried there, do you know?

You "nearly shout"!! Macho man Mr. D'Souza. Kudos to you, that's the best you could do with your spaghetti spine. Right?

Wonder if you'd have "nearly shouted" if it was your thatta's grave?

Anonymous said...

I like you reports, thanks. I think you are doing a good job. And about all those anonymous people that need to hide their names, don't worry. I would not take seriously comments from some one without the time to write his/her name :-)

Anonymous said...

Please put a blog like Uma and other dilip fan-club members listing your favourite singer, author, dance partner, tailor and cobbler and voila... you won't be "anonymous" anymore.

You could then take a dump on Dilip's thatta's grave instead of the public toilet - will be all kosher for these dilip-fan club bloggers.