September 07, 2005

Old tree hut

Under "Ayurveda", the Kozhikode edition of New Indian Express has a most interesting selection of classified ads. Allow me to let them speak for themselves.
    FEEL THE magic fingers soft nice massage royal place home Hotel male female.

    SPECIAL MASSAGE, natural soft touch relaxation, royal place.

    APRISHIATABLE FULL Body Massage M/F 9 am to 6 pm.

    OXILATION TOUCH Relaxation Massage.

    KERALA TRADITIONAL Ayurvedic massage and treatments get in my old hut at Cochin. [Number].

    TRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC massage available old hill house Cochin. [Same number as above].

    REAL AYURVEDIC treatment massage available in my old tree palace at Cochin. [Another number].

    REAL KERALA Ayurvedic massage get new hut Cochin. [Same number as above].

I'm just mightily intrigued. What is this royal place business? What are "aprishiatable" and "oxilation" and can they be combined? But above all, what is this about old huts and hill houses and tree palaces and new huts? And why does the same guy advertise both an old hut and an old hill house, and another guy advertise both an old tree palace and a new hut?

All said and done, I think I'll take my massage in the new tree house. Hold the oxilation, please.

I love this place! And I'm completely serious.


zap said...

I like your take on Classifieds so much that I feel like Anu Malik when I come across something funny in the classifieds myself.

Anonymous said...

wow, that was real massage, with shaking and boob show....

worthy of Rs 500

Anonymous said...

culd u give me the address of where this massage parlour is and how much time from ernakulam station.

Anonymous said...

Hi will you please send me the details of massage parlour in ernakulam, please sned the mail to

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you pls send me the address and telephone number of the massaging parlour in ernakulam to