September 02, 2005

Those fellows again

My fortnightly column for is here. This is about recent robberies in Bombay. Thoughts welcome.


Dilip D'Souza said...

And which theories are those, Sriram?

Anonymous said...

Sriram & Dilip
It is right that one should not make such genralizations. But I ask again- is it anything new?
Remember what I wrote about a prominent international columnist holding Hindus responsible for the 1984 massacre of sikhs and conveniently avoiding mentioning that there were congressmen involved in it?
Dilip - Regarding the mentioning of Saraswats, I would not feel the bile rising- Why - Because a prominent and visible national columnist once labelled all Brahmins as devious in a national newspaper.
Why- during elections there are open discussions in the national newspapers as to which caste will vote for which party. Dont we hear terms like Yadavs, Vokkaligas, Lingayats, Bumihars, Jats etc.
Mind you the names do not come out after doing any detailed research. All one has to do is read the newspapers and one can be quite conversant with these caste identities.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Sriram, I simply like to be accurate in what we are arguing about. I would like you to point out to me where I suggested taxes should be used to feed Pardhis.

The "negate my argument" stuff is fine if you think you want to "win" this argument. But do remain aware that the same thing can be turned around to ask: doesn't the presence of innumerable Pardhis in misery negate your argument?

My answer: I couldn't care less whose argument is negated, least of all mine. I'm saying, the lesson from India's experience is that there's no blanket solution to these problems we have. I offered the example of TN's succesful nutrition experiment and asked, if that's successful, why not think about replicating it countrywide?