October 18, 2005

Sex ratio reaction

Harini wonders what to call it. Charu has more. The numbers they quote first got some attention in late 2003, when the then Health and Family Welfare Minister, Sushma Swaraj, released a booklet called "Missing", put together by the UN Population Fund and her Ministry.

Last year, I wrote this article about the booklet and some of its implications.

It brought me responses and retorts from various naysayers and doubters. Like Charu has got. But among them was this gem, which I thought I'd share verbatim:
    If you consider the onslaught of islamic and christian barbarians that invaded my beloved motherland, having a girl child became more of a liability for the parent, constanly in the fear of her abduction and rape and the social punishment that ensues.

    Hence they were not totally wrong in desiring for a male child.

    You're following an agenda that is certainly detrimental to Indian interests. You're that combination of a communist/socialist and christian bigot.


Aparna Ray said...

Hmm truly a gem, this comment. Quite inspirational in fact. Inspired me to write this: http://newsinlimerick.blogspot.com/2005/10/on-sexism.html

zap said...

What an amazing guy. Please to forward me his name and address so that I can avoid going there accidentally.

Sunil said...

Even by typical standards of some of the horrible comments/emails you get, this one is pathetic.

When i think it's as low as it can get, some one just goes out of the way to prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

must be something to do with the gleam in your eyes that you accidentally got on after trying one of the bombay times' quick fixes for a glittery party evening :)

(and what agenda might that be? have said it before, saying it again - you attract the best nut cases in the business)

Anonymous said...

Dilip you should share *verbatim* all comments you receive, heard the onces you got after your let foreigners invade India were especially juicy.

Anonymous said...

er, TTG, news is some of the fun comments on this blog have been contributed by you :)

Anonymous said...

If you think this is bad, check out what i get for being a wee-bit feminist (for the right reasons though).


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is this J. B. D'Souza?

Anonymous said...

yeh JBDsouza kaun hai, yeh JBDsouza??
aaaoooo. hathikithi hathikithi hai!
Jai ho Shakthi.. etc etc.

Dilip D'Souza said...

TTG, I'll say it before and I'll say it again, your comments are welcome here.

Sakshi, looks like you're up against the same resentful dudes who pop up on the Web world every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Here's one Dilip:

This man Dilip D'Souza from Rediff writes columns devoid of analysis and lacking gravitas, even a preteen school kids could write more thoughtful and balanced articles. A mark of competent leader writer is that don't make their own prejudices so patenly obvious,t and are able to rise above their own petty bias and politics. This ass also lacks
any sensitvity and humanity. This SOB has totally ignored the death
of 31 kids and women at Kaluchak and thousands of deaths before.He truly is a pathetic pitiable little man who few days ago wrote about being scared shit in case Mumbai got nuked, but this shithead lacks any sympathy or
empathy for others.

'Jammu happened, and suddenly Vajpayee and gang had their trump card out. War on Pakistan! they shouted, and within minutes all their fellow politicians,
whatever their party, and the rest of us had fallen in line,' says Dilip D'Souza.

Anonymous said...

Mr D'Souza,

Do you remember a moron called Vikram Jeet Batra writing for India Together ?

You guys seems to have forgotten what Yellow Journalism is ?