October 27, 2005

Untraceable depths

Excerpts (not always verbatim) from an exhibit at a museum I visited this morning. I have seen this exhibit before, but I think something like 25 years ago; and I think it was actually put on display some ten years before that. As may be obvious on reading it.



At the Rand Corporation in California, a set of computers known as the "electronic oracles" forecast so accurately that even the US Government comes to them for advice ... So far, the results have proved the computers to be uncannily accurate. These computers have been looking far into the future. ... The scientists have drawn up a list of predicted events right up to the year 2050 as given by the computers.

1970: A space station with a crew of ten men will be orbiting in space.

1975: Complete automation in homes, with robot housemaids. Temporary scientific base on the moon.

1978: Manned spacecraft complete reconnaisance flights around Mars and Venus.

1980: New submarines capable of diving to untraceable depths.

1985: Blind people will use miniature radar. Manned landing on Mars.

1990: Equipment manufactured on the moon using minerals mined on the spot. Mars has a permanent manned station.

2000: New universal language created. Elimination of hereditary defects in human beings.

2020: Manned landing on one of Jupiter's moons, flight around Pluto. Arctic will be made fertile and productive. "Linking of minds" between man and computers will be achieved.

2025: Old age will be arrested by chemical means. Commercial traffic with bases on Moon and Mars. Telepathy will be common place. Wars will be psychological tug-of-war affairs.

2050: Manned flights outside solar system. A system of propulsion based on anti-gravity will come into use.


Boy, those Rand men and their incredible forecasting machines! They got everything up to 2000 right! Now I can't wait to link my mind with the nearest computer, only 15 years left. Hope my mind lasts that long. And if I could only trace those damned submarines...


I'm guessing some of you will know where this museum is. Hi to you guys, and eat your heart out.

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