November 30, 2005

At least five

Been meaning to say here ... I'm intrigued, and more than a little amused, by the sudden slew of comments I got about a week ago for my little piece on that man HKL Bhagat.

See the last few comments there. Clearly the man wasn't quite as "universally hated" as Abi thinks he was (sixth comment). Nope, Bhagat had at least five fans. Five!

Or at least one.


Anonymous said...

Slow day Dilip? LOL.. comeon, you can do better - you can right?

wise donkey said...

actually didnt believe you and went and checked and counted.

i dont know if multiple annons can be counted seperately:)
though suprised by the one with link.
5 may be a small number, but guess world never fails to suprise me:(

eV said...

Dilip, you could change the format of the comments' timestamp - so that the date the comments were posted is also visible. That way, Anon's desperation to spam ur obit-post would be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

Relax guys (& gals if any).

If over couple lakhs can walk in the hot Delhi sun to vote for the likes of Sajjan and Tyler, why you surprised that one of the Bhagat fan sneaked in here singing bhagat-bhajans? Are you all that naieve?

Abi said...

Yes! I second ev's view about your date stamp on comments [yes, blogger does allow a more detailed version]. That would allow readers to figure out for themselves that the last few comments on your post on HKL Bhagat were actually posted quite a few days after the post itself.

Yes, as wise donkey said, the world is still full of surprises! This one just happens to be unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

The Bhagat fan even targetted me because I wrote that he was just an Indira acolyte who was brought in just to cut down the capable Vasant Sathe.
I want to add a couple of points. People may talk of the color TV revolution that came about during Bhagat's tenure. This is hogwash. The entire color TV concept and having sponsored channels etc were all Vasant Sathe's brainchild. At this point Indira saw that Mr Sathe was not her usual yes-man but was capable of being his own man. Hence she shunted him out of the I& B and brought in Bhagat who would willingly do her bidding.
I still remember when Mr Sathe brought up the issue of color TV, Indira shot it down with the usual excuse - they were for the rich. A couple of years later, she herself had no qualms of intorducing color TV.
This information is significant in the light of Dilip's post regarding his dhobi Ramkumar. Look at how attitudes were prevalent then. Would the mobile phone revolution have taken place with such attitudes?

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