November 27, 2005

Enhance the corner

From the Bombay Times, today Sunday November 27: a box titled "The Tip" in an article by psychotherapist Seema Hingorrany.

How should one use feng shui to gain knowledge and enlightment?
  • Keep a bookcase filled with books to reflect your knowledge in the Northeast corner of your home.
  • Place pens, pencils, writing tablets in this area.
  • Pots, urns, or containers made from clay will enhance the knowledge corner.
  • Posters of mountains or quiet places to reflect your inner strength.
  • Use a comfortable chair for thinking.
  • Plants always represent growth. So put several all over the house.
  • Keep the house uncluttered and clear in order of clutter or it will create clutter in your life.

Excellent advice, just what I have come to expect from BT.

But as usual, I have some questions. Well, two.

One, just what does that last point mean? It appears to have a few too many "clutter"s in it.

Two, I will have to assume it means what the first four words say: keep the house uncluttered. Good thought. But then what am I to do with all these books and pens and pencils and writing tablets and pots and urns and containers made from clay and posters and the comfortable chair? And most of all, what am I to do with all these plants?


Anonymous said...

hahaha..:P the ek kaan se andar and doosre se bahar approach is the best when it comes to BT.. only difference being we gotta read it not hear it... and ofcourse, there are the page 3 pic s which have the occasional HOT 50 year old babe...ewwww..:|

Unknown said...

(Let me get this out first - does anyone else remember Hip Hop Hingorani, one of the various Javed Jaffrey personae from some long-gone Channel [V] show?)

Keep a bookcase filled with books to reflect your knowledge...

Huh??? So basically buy a bunch of books and stack 'em up in a bookshelf so that you can 'look intelligent'?

Ashok said...

One cluttered brain at work, I would say.
I have a feeling you read BT just for the unintended entertainment it provides :)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Shrik: yeah, but they do say put the books in your northeast corner. So the real thing they have in mind is, your northeast corner reflects your knowledge, the rest of your house should reflect your ignorance. I think I like that.

Ashok, of course I read BT for the entertainment. But I don't believe it is entirely unintended. I think there's someone there intent on giving me my daily laughs.