November 26, 2005

Extra extra credit

In recent days, I've found ever more reason to applaud Samuel Taylor Coleridge's insight about plagiarists. With every new discovery, it's clearer to me what he meant and why. So allow me to quote him in this space for the third time:
    Plagiarists are always suspicious of being stolen from.


Two people you have no respect and less time for. You don't even know they know each other. Quite by chance, you find out that in fact, they do know each other. More interesting, you find that they hate each other's guts. They throw fanciful insults at each other, make up grandiose and absurd acronyms for each other.

What do you do?

Me, I wish them the best in their efforts to scratch each other's eyes out. You know who you are, go for it.


"Some pig."

Easy question: what classic book have I been reading and who wrote it?

Extra credit (but still easy): name two other classic books this author wrote.

Even more extra credit (don't know if it is as easy): name the city this author wrote yet another book about, and name that book.

Most credit of all: join me in marvelling at this author's versatility.

No credit: visiting Amazon or Google for answers.

(Hint: it's not John Banville, not William Faulkner, not Munshi Premchand, not Jamie Lee Curtis, not Ryszard Kapuscinski, not Harper Lee, not Amartya Sen).


Anonymous said...

if you had said, "this Pigoo", I would have said TP Kailasam. This should count for cash! You should know Kannada, or more of anglicised Kannada to appreciate him a bit-extra.

Also, dont steal your son's books. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have been reading Alice in Wonderland.

The author also wrote Through the looking glass, a book on calculus and also a puzzle book.


Lewis Carroll aka Charles Ludwig Dodgeson. He was a mathematician, author, poet, a photographer (of kids).

Dilip D'Souza said...

Anonymous 129: Tell me more about Kailasam! Available translater into English?

Why not steal my son's books? He has some of the best books in our home!

Anonymous 1055: a fine, fine guess, but no. Lewis Carroll was also a famous and versatile author, but not the one who responsible for "Some pig."

Anonymous said...

"Pigoo" is kannada for "pig"! TP Kailas, or "typical-ass", uses that for a whole scene in the play "ammavra ganda" -- "the lady's husband" (?) (amma = amma, avru = avargal/ji, ganda = husband) -- where the "ammavru" calls the neighbor a pigoo. later as the neighbor, "the dear boy", is scared of the dog's barking, ammvru says their "dog-oo does not like pork-oo"

Folklore is that, Kailasam was inspired to write it to chide his slavish friend. to make the irony more stark, he calls the slavish husband Narasimhu. More later.

-Anon 129oo

The Scribe said...

Charlotte's Web but I can't remember who wrote it (Emma something I think).

Dilip D'Souza said...

Scribe, right you are! Charlotte's Web. But I'll hold off letting on who the author is (not Emma something) and what else the author wrote, to see if anyone else knows those answers.

Anonymous said...

Author: E. B. White

The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White. Handy book if you are writing papers.

These two I remembered off the top of my head. (And confirmed on Amazon... is that cheating?)

I know White wrote other childrens books, but didn't remember which ones, until I looked at Amazon (so, I'll leave them out.)

p.s. Good Blog

Anonymous said...

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