November 22, 2005

Mutton street blues

The Hindustan Times "Love Actually" column is now top of the charts in my home, the first place in the paper we turn to. Ahead of even the sports pages, if you can believe it. And here are three reasons why, excerpted from today's column (Nov 22, names changed):
    Unknown girl: This message is for the girl I saw in the Laxmi Nagar main-market. You were wearing a black t-shirt with '06 Nippon Vogue' written on it in white colour. I would like to start a long lasting friendship with you. Yours Rakesh. [No address/phone/email given for Rakesh]

    Hi Sweet Girl: I don't know your name but I know that I like you. I saw you at shankar fast food corner on Mutton Street You were with your three friends and were wearing a sky blue t-shirt and a dark blue jeans. I was wearing dark blue shirt and a light blue jeans. I want to be friends with you. Please mail. Vasant. [No address/phone/email given for Vasant]

    Hey unknown girl: You were wearing a white shirt and black jeans and was pillion on a two-wheeler with her friend, coming on the road leading to Borivali station at 12:40 pm on 14th. You are still in my mind so I thought of sending you this message. Contact me asap at . [No name given]

Hey unknown man (I think): you know what? You've got it entirely wrong. All three times, it wasn't an unknown girl or a sweet girl. It was me, and I'm sort of mad that you mistook me for a girl three times. I would like to start a long lasting enmity with you. Contact me asap.


Gamesmaster G9 said...

This seems to be the Indian version of "Missed Connections". If you found that funny, maybe this might interest you.

thelearner said...

GamesmasterG9 - thought of craigslist after reading this post as well.

There's is craigslist for a few Indian cities too (, as you'd have noticed, but largely unused.

Subramaniam Avinash said...

:-) Such ads always get us cracking up. Good one.

Anonymous said...

:))) nutcase. you.

Anonymous said...

Yo Ho Ho! (just trying out my deep-throated laugh)

Sunil said...

moments like this....priceless.

Why doesn't mastercard use these classics to advertise?