November 13, 2005


Ran into this recently, in something I had to read.
    Nothingness is not a thing in competition with other things. Indeed it is continuous with the heart of each thing which is also a not-thingness, like the selfhood of human personality which is also not a being in competition with other beings and things but the limitless space of not-thingness, emptiness.

Anyone able to tell me what it means? I have no clue.


wise donkey said...

will try:)
there are many things, but only one nothing.
therefore nothing is not a thing in competition.
if it were to be in competition it would have to become something, and when it becomes something, it ceases to become nothing.
what is the heart of life, cell. perhaps the writer went and split the cell into zillion pieces and thought it will be nothing.

just like a drop of milk in an ocean will amount to nothing.

in the vast universe the cell, itself is just nothing
the universe is infinite. but how can it be?whats beyond the finite, infinite or nothing?
perhaps the person wanted to compare the essense of life with infinite spirit of the universe.


Anonymous said...

Slow day Dilip that you couldn't even cook up a decent hate mail from hindutvaadi?