November 16, 2005

One night years ago

Out of the blue, this small tragedy from five years ago has come back into my life. The slim teenager whom I mention in towards the end of the article called me yesterday. Says there's an ongoing insurance case about his brother, in the course of which the judge has asked me to appear in court next week. Should be interesting.

But more than that, it's brought back a number of rough memories that still sadden me.


Anonymous said...

I dont know who was at fault but I feel really bad for the perished unknown and I wonder how many do not even get the chance of being looked upon by a doctor in cases like these.
Everyone takes the easy way out and I am glad that you choose not to do so. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Very touching indeed Dilip. As one of your harshest critics, can say that it's one of your better articles.
Guess we all learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

Missed this article when it was first published. After seeing the date, I realized this happened 5 years back and the insurance case has not been settled? This is really bad. Hope it gets settled soon.