November 29, 2005

Some pig

Some ends that need tying, or not.


Over at this post I wrote some days ago, I mentioned the phrase "Some pig" and asked, which classic book was I reading and who wrote it?

Commenting there, The Scribe got the right book, Charlotte's Web.

This delightful classic was written by a quiet genius, E.B. White. Another kids' book he wrote has recently been turned into a film: Stuart Little.

White is also one half of the famous Strunk and White team. Among writers, their The Elements of Style never goes out of style.

And finally, he wrote Here is New York about that city, a book I'm longing to read. You Nueva Yorkers should take a look and report back.

White died in 1985. Must have been a remarkable man.


Where in Bombay would you find this intriguing notice?
    To enter and exit eating is prohibited

You charming ladies and gents who discussed this with me yesterday afternoon, please excuse.


The last question in this weekly column, I'm told by a reliable source (me), is, and I quote, "the most outstanding stupendous and superbly intelligent excellent piece of doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-doo we will ever receive."


Anonymous said...

Even Charlottes Web has been made into a cartoon movie

Dilip D'Souza said...

TTG, my sympathies on the frigidization.

That sign? St Xavier's College.

I did post that question.

If this is the best you could do on short notice, you should at least have done it on short notist.

Aditya Bidikar said...

The first edition of 'The Elements of Style' - by Strunk alone - is available free here (I think it has gone out of copyright now, because I seem to remember finding that link on an author's website):

But I personally think the Strunk & White edition is better.

Annie Zaidi said...

the corridors of Xavier's college, of course :)
In that one year, I remember being surprised by how that warning sign brought out the contrari-social in me. I would deliberately walk around with a sandwich, and quickly step into the corridor to see if someone would yell at me. Nobody ever did...
The only time I was pulled up for anything on that campus was for wearing sleeveless clothes.

Dilip D'Souza said...

The only time I was pulled up for anything on that campus was for wearing sleeveless clothes.

Yeah, Annie, but did you try an entrance or an exit while eating those sleeveless clothes? That might have raised some BPs at St X's.