December 18, 2005

1000 moon-men

A fine young man called this morning, and in the course of some other stuff, alerted me to the excellent news that's atop on his site right now. For more details than he provides, you can visit various places, for example here.

Yes, a beloved former PM will be feted because 1000 full moons have risen over his august frame. Could there be a better reason to fete him? Not a chance.

Though I learn from today's Asian Age that this has become a somewhat contentious issue, because some people claim 1055 full moons have risen over his september frame. I say, so what? 1055, 1000, pi, 87234, what's the difference? Have a celebration anyway, Atal. You deserve it. I hope you watched every single one of those full moons rise. And set.

Meantime, I've been thinking. I sincerely hope my parents celebrated my 1000 sun day, back in the 1920s. Not to mention my 10,000 sun day. And my 1000 Sundays.

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