December 06, 2005

25th on the floor

My BITS Pilani class is gearing up for our 25th reunion, next year in Pilani. Part of this gearing up process is that people are sending out photos and promising various goodies -- beer, mainly -- to whoever recognizes the dudettes and dudes in them. The problem is that you have to try to see past the walking sticks and dentures and see if you can dredge up quarter-century-old memories of these faces. Not always an easy task.

I must say, though, that if you took away the walking sticks and dentures, the people in these photographs look pretty good.

Then again, if you took away the sticks, it's not clear they'd be able to stand up any more for the photo. Never mind.

Anyway, one of the lasses from our class sent out a pair of photographs, sans comment. (Not even an offer of beer). Here's the first:

She did caption the pair of photographs "Iyengar vs Romanian style of yoga", but I think that's a red herring.

Why do I say that? Because I believe the guy below is from my BITS class. So in the hope that there will be a beer, or at least a cold coffee, at the end of this, I am trying everything I know to identify him. Including posting here hoping one of you can help. Here you are:

But wait a minute! I think I got it! I think that's me! Pass me my walking stick, will ya?

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I just met one of the batch mates -- Dibbe.
BTW, when is the get together? I am in
India from July 3-Aug 3. Amit (google: sheth)