December 25, 2005

Animal take-over

The funniest Christmas/New Year card I ever saw (and sent) came from the incomparable Sandra Boynton. Complete with delightful Boynton animals singing, this is how it went:
    Wee fish ewe a mare egrets moose
    Wee fish ewe a mare egrets moose
    Wee fish ewe a mare egrets moose ...
    Panda hippo gnu deer!

And that's what I wish you. Eye fish ewe. Wouldn't scoff at some egrets myself, right about now.


Bonnie Gardner said...

I'm not sure who Ms. Boynton is, but I wrote this in 1982. It was my original Christmas card that went out to all my friends. I'm sad that someone has taken it and tried to use as their own.

Aunt Susie said...

You would probably know Sandra Boynton's work if you saw it. You might remember her (possibly) most famous design "Things are getting worse...Please send chocolate!" I believe her "Wee fish, ewe, a mare, egrets, moose..." card was released before 1982. I remember sending it out as my Christmas card before my father died in May of 1983. Sandra Boynton made her name as a greeting card artist who used cartoon animals for all of her work.

Aunt Susie said...

I just double-checked some history on Sandra Boynton's work, and her "Wee fish, ewe, a mare, egrets, moose..." coffee mug was released more than 27 years ago, and the wrapping paper was released roughly 30 years ago (1980), and both followed her wildly successful Christmas card in which the artwork first appeared, so I believe it was her copyrighted work before 1982. :-)