December 19, 2005

Let them have cars

My rum-drinking buddy Veeresh Malik makes an anonymous appearance in this essay I wrote. He also writes articles once in a while. We've had some disagreements, but I know few people who make as much sense as he does; he always gives me things to think about.

In today's Indian Express he has an interesting perspective on the recent murder/rape of a call centre employee. Here.

(I promise you, he looks better in real life than in that picture).

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Pareshaan said...

Thanks for linking to Mr. Malick's piece, has been some time since I read anything by him. Love the way he writes. His account of his Pakistani trip with his son, is one of my favorite peices of travel writing.
Also, wish you and your folks a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Hopeful, Joyous New Year