December 08, 2005

Lines #2

Gotta get my mind (see previous post) on something else! Here's the second in an occasional series:

I don't know why it happens with this life,
Suddenly this mind, after somebody leaves,
Remembers that person again,
A small small matter, I don't know why.


Anonymous said...


Can't help myself. So here goes,

" Somewhere, far away, when the sun goes down,
and night, like a shy bride, coyly,
comes silently..

in the field of my thoughts,
someone lights the lamps of dreams..
.. lights the lamps of dreams. "

To follow up on your post, here is another one from "A small matter",:

"O my sweetheart, O my sweetheart,
your two eyes..
see how they have stolen,
the peace of my heart..
O my sweetheart, O my sweetheart "

Dilip D'Souza said...


Please keep up not being able to help yourself!

I like the one about the shy bride! Nice. But I'm again stumped by your buffalo being hit by a stick. What's that?

But you stole my thunder with your second one from "A small matter" -- here's how I was going to post it soon:

Dear lover, dear lover, your two eyes,
Stole away, took away -- look! -- my mind,
Dear lover, dear lover, dear lover!

Yours is infinitely more poetic, of course. Incidentally, this is one of my all-time favourites. My top #1 all-time favourite will make an appearance here one of these days soon.

Anonymous said...


Buffalo and stick confused you?

Meri bhains ko danda kyon mara?
Woh khet mein chaara charti thi
Tere baap ka woh kya karti thi?

A comic ditty from "Pagla kahin kya", starring Shammi Kapoor. Picturised on the inmates of a loony bin, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

This is fun!

If you would dwell in this heart
You’d know
This place has lasted long.

It holds the ruins
Of many a love maimed and gone astray
And it holds them still.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Atul, I must be getting old! Was a time when a friend would rattle off something like this and we'd all crack it within seconds. Now I couldn't get something Pankaj wrote, and I can't get this one from you. I'm still thinking, but you're welcome to put me out of my misery.

Anonymous said...

:) here you go -

Is dil me baskar dekho to, ye shahar bada purana hai; maya memsaab