December 11, 2005

Lines #3

The occasional series moseys on along...


Hey my heart tell me,
What have you come along on?
Who is it who has come,
And cast shadows on my thoughts.

Alternate for first line: "Hey my heart give me a Bata." Not quite as poetic, but definitely more intriguing.

Also see this that I wrote last January for another interesting alternate for the first line -- interesting because of how words come to mean different things.


Anonymous said...

Dlip, here goes..

"O heart confide in meee
Who has taken your fanceee?
Who's come n' over-powerrred
The senses to-tuh-leee".

Anonymous said...

Hi; the above comment was from me Dilip.

Not from (anony)mouse.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Pankaj, I knew it was you! You're good at this stuff -- where I find fun in the more literal translations, you're doing it poetically in the shower every morning. Once more, I can almost picture someone shimmying to your English version.

Unknown said...

Dilip, you have really got me addicted...

Unknown said...

D: u've really got me going!