December 04, 2005

Not pieces, not rally

I've been watching the Rosh 'n'Vik Northeast roadshow on their respective blogs. There's been mention of the Border Roads Organization, the folks who build and maintain roads in those areas, and particularly of the signs you'll find along the roads. That prompted me to dig up my small collection of BRO signs, from a trip to Gangtok in 2003. Here they are:
    Lukhbir Slide Zone

    Reach Home in Peace, Not Pieces

    Fast Won't Last

    Keep Left, It's the Right Way to Drive

    Safe Driving is More Horse Sense than Horse Power

    It is not Rally, Enjoy the Valley

    If Married, Divorce Speed

    Formation Breached Ahead, Drive Carefully

    Remember What I Narrate, Do Not Unnecessarily Accelerate

The BRO are fine road-builders. They also number in their ranks some seriously unheralded poets.

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Abi said...


That smiley doesn't do justice to what I am doing now: a BIG smile!

A really good one for the morning. Thanks.