December 21, 2005

On again, off again

In a dramatic disclosure, a team of highly skilled detectives (well, one; and well, not quite a detective) has informed me of a change in the "India-centric blogs" list on the right side-bar of the excellent Indian Economy Blog.

This change: my name used be on that list. Now it isn't.

I'm crushed.

In another dramatic disclosure, another team of highly skilled detectives (well...) has informed me of a change in the "Indian Blogs I Read" list on the left side-bar of Amit Verma's excellent India Uncut blog.

This change: my name used to be on that list. (In fact, it was on that list as recently as December 12th). Now it isn't.

I'm crushed again.

To cheer myself up, I'm trying to add my name to the "Well worth your time" list on the right hand side of this blog. I want to put it there three times.

Sadly, each time I try to do this, my computer lets out a sound rather like a whine, and shuts down. Any suggestions?


Dhimant Parekh said...

I don't think it should really matter. People who read your blog will continue to read it irrespective of whether the libertarians approve of it or not ;-)

asuph said...

hey dilip,

I don't know if you remember me, but then I've used that line before :D

if it's any consolation, I can put up your link in my blogroll :D only in my livejournal scheme, I can't seem to have a blogroll.

okay serious now! great to see you blogging at full-throttle. have now got your feed in my google reader, so hopefully i'll follow it more regularly now.

meanwhile, I did put your mention in my latest blog :)


Yazad Jal said...

Does it really matter? I think far more people link to you than the other way around (including me and for dhionlyone's information, I'm a "card-carrying" libertarian).

Incidentally, my policy on blogrolls is simple. I link to blogs I read, regardless of whether I am linked to or not. That matters little for me.

Abi said...

Tsk, tsk.


On a serious note, I don't even have a blog roll (I have no fancy graphics either), because I want my post pages to be cleaner to look and easier to load. However, the blogs that I read can be accessed via the bloglines link (if anyone cares to even find out).

Dilip D'Souza said...

Asuph, of course I remember you. Hope you checked your email.

Yaz: I link to blogs I read, regardless of whether I am linked to or not.

Right on the button! Perhaps I learned this policy from you? This is the only reason for a blogroll.

wise donkey said...

:))(sorry) and day b4 yday i was thinking of removing u from my blogroll ! (no i am not kidding), thinking anyway many would read your blog and i visit it regularly so no need for the updtd info.

so there can be many reasons for an "unlink".

the sweet shouldnt question, why am i being refused, am i less sweet, but think perhaps the other person is diabetic:)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, i think you need to get a life. Going on and on about the libertarians.

Putting somebody on a blogroll is his personal wish. And taking that same person of, again, is his personal thing. You actually went public and wrote a post on this, the trivialest issue.

Dude! Wake up

wise donkey said...

btw u did make the illustrious list, (a post in indianwriting)
now which is better:D

Anonymous said...

Dear Dilip,

I hope you recover quickly from the disappointment of being removed from a blogroll, and return to full health as soon as possible.

A very concerned person.

Anonymous said...

Dilip, consider it an honor man ;)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Putting somebody on a blogroll is his personal wish.

Exactly! And that's just why I'm trying to put myself on my blogroll, three times. It's my personal wish. It's not working. Would you care to help?

Anonymous said...

I was never on any one of those blogrolls. Can you imagine how crushed I feel?

And here you are, going on and on about yourself. *sniffles*

zap said...

But Anirudh! Seriously now! It is far worse to be on a blogroll and then be removed. Spare a thought for Dilip...
On another note, this is the second time i've commented on this blog in response to your comment. I think it is time we got over the courtship jazz and blogrolled each other.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Zap and Anirudh, may I interrupt your courtship to announce that I have successfully put myself on and then taken myself off my own blogroll.

Only, I'm feeling simply devastated now.

zap said...

Woe! To be blogrolled and then removed...

Dilip, you really should be nicer to Dilip!

Anonymous said...

Somebody call the waaaambulance!

You actually made a crib post about being removed from a blogroll? Are you 12?

Dilip D'Souza said...

You actually made a crib post about being removed from a blogroll?

Yes! I couldn't believe I actually was removing myself from my own blogroll, and thought I had better complain about it. I'm shocked by this behaviour.

Are you 12?

No. I'm just one. Me.

Anonymous said...

I don't beleive Yazad when he says he has blogrolled blogs he reads. I do know that he reads my blog :)

On an equally serious note, I blogroll even those who i don't read regularly. The idea is that I should like the blog.

Gautam Ghosh said...

gaah !

You're on my blogroll whereas I'm not on yours

Boo hoo !

btw, loved the "I am only one" line

Anonymous said...

Mr. D'Souza,

Have you heard of a book called IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna and JN Sharma. Well, everybody knows it by the name ML Khanna. Thats unfair on JN Sharma.

Same with the Tsunami coverage. You went to cover the Tsunami with another person who removed you from his blogroll. But does the blogosphere remember you more or him for that coverage. Another case of ML Khanna JN Sharma. The reason is that you are too goody goody and you didnt advertise yourself as that person did. That is a lesson that the person learnt through his failed venture to become a who's who in the music industry a few years ago.Also, that person incidentally is very sensitive to criticism and yeilds a considerable influence on the Indian Economy blog, if not by his economics acumen , but by his image. So isnt it a very natural thing that such unsporting fellows remove you? Hmmm.?

Why cant you fathom the reason. Im baffled.

Now let me tell you why I like your blog. You are very down to earth, dont pretend, and most importantly , you are honest to yourself. :)
So not being on some blogroll shouldnt disappoint you..although you did a good thing by pointing it out and i wish that you werent so apologetic about it.

There are plenty of readers out there who read you, and like you. This includes yours truly.


A. Dodger

Dilip D'Souza said...

There are plenty of readers out there who read you, and like you. This includes yours truly.

Thank you, Dodger. I truly appreciate it.

Are you a fan of the LA Dodgers?

Anonymous said...


Have to agree with the dodger. The person in question has one goal: to become the Indian Instapundit. Since Instapundit has one of the most godawful blogs in the world, it's probably a good thing that you are not on the blogroll of the person in question. Vermin isnt good for you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dilip D'Souza said...

OK that's enough. This thread now closed for comments.