December 30, 2005

The other end

Last week, Bombay airport Customs officials detained a man who had a "large quantity of currency in his stomach". The news told us about the tantalizing prospect that "further investigations rest on the contents of his excreta."

Well, so much for that tantalizing prospect. Today's Hindustan Times reports on the happenings in this case over the last few days: Man throws up 159 note-stuffed pills.

They were actually capsules, but never mind -- pills, capsules, what's a medicine or two or 159 between a man and his eager captors? And they must have been eager. As the report tells us: "from December 23 to 28, helped by doctors, Khader threw up about 159 capsules."

As before, I would give a lot of currency to know about that "help" from the doctors. "Here, old man, just stick your fist in your mouth, like that, right ... whoops, there you go! Great, there's another capsule! Or is that part of your lunch?"


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