January 26, 2006

1000 .s

Himal Southasian is an outstanding monthly from Nepal. The January 2006 issue has a number of articles examining the meaning of Gandhi. Among them is Thousand Points, by me. Your comments welcome.


Puru said...

Nice article Dilip and especially found two points right on target:
(1) The potential of engineers and in general the "educated" society to contribute towards solutions for social/livelihood problems.
(2) The translation of abstract ideas into tangible actions. Arm-chair discussions and debates do not mean much, regarding any "ism" or idea, unless put into action.

The rest of the articles look interesting too.

Anonymous said...

that one hit the spot. thanks.

Vishwa said...

Dilip...interesting article there. Thought provoking and very well written. Should inspire all of us to take action for ourselves instead of whining endlessly.
But how many convert this inspiration into action?
The other articles look good as well. Thanks for this link.

Quizman said...

Off-Topic: Dilip, I've posted a quiz for kids. Have your children try it.