January 06, 2006

Blood on white rose

As ever, or at least as over the last six months, I learn my life lessons from the "Love Actually..." column in the Hindustan Times. Today's column was like a bonanza. Some excerpts below (verbatim except names changed, sorry Vik).

    Hi Manju: I love you a lot. ... Remember one thing R is for red, red is for blood, blood is for heart, heart is for love. love is for you and you are for me. From Arun Naik.

    To Shweta: A sparrow was in love with a white rose, one fine day this sparrow proposed the white rose, the white rose told when he turns red he will love her. The sparrow tears her body and slowly spreads her blood on white rose and it turns red and fell in love but the sparrow is no more. This is love. I love you. From yours Boggy

Hmm. All that blood has me a little unsteady on my feet.

But I have to say, I cannot see how Shweta will be able to resist that missive of love from Boggy.

    Hi: This is for girl I saw in library of SIES college, Nerul on 4-1-06. You were with a friend of yours. You are maybe in BMM or BMS. I was looking at you and you were looking back at me. I want to tell you that I really like you and want to be your boyfrnd. Mail me back at [email address].

Can you think of a better reason to like someone and want to be their boyfrnd than that both parties looked at each other? Me neither. Go for it, my man! Except, again, I was in that library with a friend that day. You sure it wasn't me you saw? I saw you.

    To all Dude's: Dude's Be aware guys. Nowadays girls are more flirtatious than man. Keep in mind, not to beleive in innocent girl also. Girls are really in the 21st Century now. Experienced guy here. MCP Mukesh

Yeah, but I see some guys are not really in the 21st Century now. Besides, shouldn't that be "guy's", and "girl's", and "flirtatiou's", and "nowaday's"? Maybe even "al'so"? Beleive, dude's!


Anonymous said...

I beleive Dili'p.

Anonymous said...

hey arun naik, that is not one but alot of things for manju to remember
and hey, dilip, you seem to be in a lot of libraries and marketplaces these days exchanging glances with young men

Suhail said...

hehe :) That SIES guy needs to be on Craigslist's MC forum.

Vikrum said...

I know why you change the names.

Dilip = "Mukesh"


Unknown said...

Can you think of a better reason to like someone and want to be their boyfrnd than that both parties looked at each other? Me neither. Go for it, my man!

Obviously, you're forgetting Dharma & Greg. Those two get married after a single look!

Blessen said...

Lol... I have this habit at times of reading matrimonial in newspapers... They, at (most) times, are funnier than the cartoon strips!!!

Ram Raghavan said...

It's the same everywhere. In Austin, Texas we have a "Shot in the Dark" column in a local magazine, with similar msgs from man to woman, woman to man, man to man; or, like this gentle msg with future possibilities, woman-to-woman:

"I just wanted to say hi and say your DKNY sweatshirt was mighty sexy... and to see if you honestly read these ads on a constant basis. If so, this one's for you, just for a smile. Oh yeah, I was the goofy girl enjoying a chicken sandwich next to you. As if you didn't know.

When: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Where: Jo's Coffee
I saw a: Woman
I am a: Woman"

Quizman said...


LOL. Btw, Craigs List has an entire section devoted to "missed connections." An entire market created by one look!

Suhail said...

Quizman, you too!!??!! Any ideas on what is the success rate on MC list? I am sure popular MC lists of bigger cities like NYC/SF, the hit ratio shd be quite high.
Maaa Austin, TX is too small..so sad.

wise donkey said...

the first reaction was laughter, hmmm wonder what arun and boggy will say after 10 years:)

i do think it was not a bad idea from the library guy. after all, due to female infoeticide, its not easy for every guy to find a girl, and if he wants to explore the possibility with a girl who looked at him, why not:)
he just wants to be her boyfriend, and get to know her better:) atleast he didnt tell about roses and blood:)

and that last one, does one pay money to get out ads like those? whats the point?

kja said...

I have been looking for the origional author of blood on white rose for years!
Is that the origional name of the tale, and who wrote it?!
You can't understand how much finding this means to me!
Please let me know, I really appreciate it.

saiful10 said...

I believe this....