January 13, 2006

Lines #8

The occasional series makes another pit-stop. Here's another favourite. For at least two reasons (which you're welcome to take a stab at guessing), these lines remind me of this.


The stars have started twinkling,
Flames have started leaping.
Just don't tease me now,
Just don't block my path.
For if I stop now, I won't ever leave.
And you'll say always,
That your heart hasn't had its fill.
This is not a matter that finishes so soon ...
Not now, not now, no, no
Don't leave me now and go,
Because my heart has not had its fill.


Unknown said...

Hey there!
I've just recently started reading your blog and have already got hooked.. Nice writing!
Thought i should tell you that i've blogrolled you and i invite you over to my scrapbook for a look.. (and maybe a kind comment... nothing more!! :P).


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

"Because my heart has not had its fill"....

I liked this line..lots, because it is so true..

Michael Bains said...

That's totally beautiful, and just the way it ought to be. It's really a very moving post.

Thanks for sharing this way Dilip.

zap said...

which song is this????? cant figure...

Anonymous said...

Is it Britney Spears?
maybe spice girls?


Dilip D'Souza said...

zap, Abhi na jao chhod kar, from Hum Dono. Dev Anand/Sadhana. Now read Tanuj's letter home. T, that's great!