January 02, 2006

Made to bleed

Also written after the recent IISc shooting, my Monday Mid-Day column. Your thoughts welcome.

(Note: the "***"s are not mine. And I called it "Made to Bleed" when I sent it in).


Anonymous said...

Funny. You write a column about the anti-sikh pogrom and yet you lack the courage to mention the Congress party by name even once.

Anonymous said...

@ Dissent - Funny. You post a comment and dont leave the calling card of your Lord God. Whichever one that might be.
Also why call urself Dissent if you run Asianews??

wise donkey said...


the day congress has no objection to punishing everyone responsible for delhi riots
the day bjp has no objection to punishing everyone responsible for gujarat riots
the day for every crime in India justice is delievered with the thought justice delayed is justice denied, terrorism will be more easily combated.

this requires not just political will but an overhaul of the legal system.

anything other than this, is just rhetoric

Anonymous said...

Those who kill innocent civilians and spread terror are terrorists. There are 2 kinds of terrorists. One group that spreads terror with an intention destabilize India, its economy and prosperity- These are the Bangalore terrorists, Parliament bombers and those who engineered Diwali-blasts. Their unltimate intention is to hurt India. Their allegience lies not to India as a nation-state. Their masters live beyond India's borders. One instance of terroism does not gain them their goal, so continue to bleed India with blessings and weapons from their masters abroad.

Another group that retaliates violently - as in the case of communal violence such as Godhra-aftermath- flare up into violence in an instant of erupted anger. Traitorous intentions, Hurting India or destabilizing its economy are not the driving force behind this group's actions. Result: The violence becomes more of a law and order problem at a given place in a given period. More importantly it does not become a continuous long-drawn bleeding "process" against Indian interests.

Equating Pak/Saudi-funded jihadis' handiwork to local communal clashes shows where your loyalty lies. Probably you should shift your base to that Jihadi-haven called Pakistan or that emerging Jihadi factory called Bangladesh, wherefrom you can then freely pen many bleeding-heart articles supporting your Jihadi Ummah. Atleast then you can earn a name for your true colours and not for your hypocracy.