January 15, 2006

Specially compiled watermelons

And for a lazy Sunday morning before I head out of town again ...

Got a leaflet in the mail from a bank advertising their credit cards. Call it the IEGD bank. The leaflet says that if I use their credit card to withdraw between Rs 2500 and Rs 4999, I will get an "exclusive Twin-pack Audio CD of Blockbuster Hits".

Very tempting indeed. But it gets better.

This exclusive CD, it goes on to say, has been "specially compiled for IEGD Bank Credit Cardmembers."

How do you "specially compile" a set of songs for credit card holders, I wonder.


The Hindustan Times has been hosting a "Luxury Conference". Yesterday, one Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, President and CEO of Villa Moda (which I presume is not the house where they make modhas) broke down at the conference. There's a picture of him on the front page, wiping his tears. "I can't see poverty", he said, announcing that "his company would contribute five per cent of its sales revenues for the poor of India."

Kudos to the Sheikh.

Later in the front page report is this:
    The Sheikh's announcement gave the conference its most touching moment. But more importantly, it made the statement that the business of luxury was also about the poor and the underprivileged.

Of course.


Sports page of the same paper carries a Sunil Gavaskar column. I have a deal of respect for Gavaskar, but someone should tell him that he descends into rants too often these days. There's a constant complaining tone in too many of his pieces. This one has this gem:
    It is the easiest thing in the world to walk like one has watermelons under the armpits when playing Indian medium-pacers but those very same batsmen walk as if the hair under their armpits is glued when confronting Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath and company.

And with that, I'm off out of town. Couldn't find watermelons, but I've got footballs glued under my arms.


zap said...

yayyyyyyy! I live in an absurd world !

Anang said...

If you want to stop snail mail spam, like banks sending you credit cards and all that shit, check to see if the junk mail that came has a postage paid envelope in it. If it does, fill it with a rival bank's papers or just random bullshit papers and mail them. People pay good money for that postage. You are gauranteed never to get junk mail from that place again.

Suhail said...

anangbhai..that happens in the US. I've done it to some repeated offenders :) Indian direct2home mktg companies are cheapos..they don't send postage paid envelopes.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't funny-boreeeng.