February 25, 2006

I do, I do, Scooby Doo

Banner headline on the front page of yesterday's (Feb 24) Times of India! I mean, two-inch banner headline! I mean, what greater news could there be than:
    TOI TO BUSH: Do you consider India a responsible nuclear nation?

Man! How good I feel. Finally, someone stepped up and asked for a pat on our collective heads! And Bush was kind enough to administer it! Thank you TOI! Thank you Bush! The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!


km said...

Rev. ToI then turned to the shy bride. "And do you, India, consider the groom to be a responsible nucular nation?"

Sound of crickets chirping.

Anonymous said...

ah, that's nothing dilip. see http://editindia.blogspot.com/2006/02/indian-journo-meets-bush-too.html

Bicyclemark said...

just don't ask him who the prime minister is. or anything else really.