February 17, 2006

Lines #10

Let the dream that I saw be fulfilled,
This is my heartfelt wish.
In this intoxicating moment,
My heart begins to sing!
We were looking for this happiness, and we hadn't found it till today.

Before today, more than today ...
Never had such beautiful, such sweet happiness.
Nobody gave me a clock till today.


km said...

The clock-less lover's complaint was a masterful touch.

"Aaj se pehle, aaj se zyada"?

Sudhir Bhatavdekar said...

Very beautiful.

Tanuj said...

ah.. chitchor, the movie that catapulted several bollywoodians into fame.

first, one dr k j yesudas, the singer of the said song - an accomplished singer whose hindi singing stint received a phenomenal boost with this movie. mr yesudas' impressive (nasal) voice was second to none, bar the immortal (super-nasal) mukesh, who sang the unforgettable -

ink dinn mint janyenga, maanti kayn monl
(one day they'll sell you for the price of mud...)

mr yesudas himself reached his hindi film zenith a few years later with that classic from the film dada -

deenl kayn tunkde-tunkde kanrkayn, munskuraan kayn chanl deeyain..
(her highness broke my heart into pieces-pieces, then smiled and walked away..)

'dada' was one of the ten vinod mehra (lots of sweat, dense chest hair, 4 buttons open) films to be released that year, a film undoubtedly instrumental in bringing to fruition mr mehra’s newfound lust for one bindiya goswami, who soon became his third wife. but we mustn't digress.

second, chitchor also helped one amol palekar grab some public attention. mr palekar then went on to star in the hilarious golmaal, a movie that many say became a hit because mr palekar was forced to shave off his stunningly commonplace and irritating moustache for half the film, in order for him to be able to successfully woo the beautiful (yes!) bindiya goswami.

next, zarina wahab was also helped along nicely by chitchor. ms wahab, though, is best known for her role in an arty flick called gharonda, in which she drops her lover (yes, mr palekar!) for a perennially stroke-ridden, extraordinarily morose and flaky shreeram lagoo. however, ms wahab's real claim to fame was her scandalous affair with and subsequent marriage to one aditya pancholi (now panscholi) who was, and still is, 15 years her junior.

the most memorable actor in chitchor, however, was master raju, who, with his beatific smile and a terrifyingly slow sideways nod, became bollywood's favourite kabab-mein-haddi kid. many remember master raju sitting next to ms wahab in the open air courtyard, casting his mean eye at mr palekar, who tries really hard to win over ms wahab, by singing another famous yesudas ditty -

gonreen tenra gaon badan pyaanraan
main ton gayaan maanraan
aankayn yahaan rayn
(snow white, your lovely village has killed me)

master raju, unfortunately grew older, and could no longer play the irritating kid. but he stuck to his specialization and soon made a stunningly successful return to bollywood as a mature kabab-mein-haddi. his return vehicle was a film called woh saat din, in which he shifts his mean eye to anil kapoor, who blissfully and appropriately sings -

ullu da pattha hoon, yahu-yahu

- presumably in an effort to woo one padmini kolhapure, who is probably a member of a south maharashtra cooperative.

so much for chitchor. ask me if you want to know more about ms goswami, her next husband, j p datta, and his classic film, ghulam, which had that rajasthan-and-bus song that no one ever understood. d, let’s see you translate that one.

as you can see, i am really jobless today. but thanks for the applause anyway.

Anonymous said...

One more trivia. Chitchor was remade (butchered) 2-3 years back as Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon starring
Hrithik Roshan = Amol Palekar
Kareena Kapoor = Zarina Wahab
Abhishek Bachchan = Vijayendra
Pankaj Kapur = AK Hangal (the only good part in this atrocity).
Himani Shivpuri = Dina Pathak
Master Raju = Johhny lever, a dog and an irritating computer generated bird.
Incidentally Rajshris remade their own production. Give me the original anyday.