February 02, 2006

Lines #9

Touching down again ... These were sung by a truly beautiful lady and a man with a style all his own.


The roads of life are long indeed, my love!
I'll live this life taking whatever blows there are.

Take me along, you meanie!
I'm fine as bananas
Take me along, you meanie!
I'm really fine as bananas!

You won't even be able to walk four steps, understood?

Yeah, understood.

OK I lost our argument, forgive me now.
Friendships! I've seen them all, don't try to make me jealous now.


Dilip D'Souza said...

Tanuj, I kind of like the bananas version... but yes, a fabulous song. What a stunning woman.

Anonymous said...

Madhubala is stunning and Dev Anand had a style of his own, but credit 4 people for this beautiful song:
SD Burman for the fantastic composition.
Majrooh - lyricist who must be rolling in his grave hearing the 'bananas' bit
Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhosle - Mohd Rafi a legend - 25 years after his death there is no replacement - only poor imitations.

Dont make me jealous - hmm you changed the translation -
It should be Do not burn my heart.

Anonymous said...

Here is one more
The Lost lost moon, the open skies
The entire night will go in your eyes
How will you ever get any sleep?
Shares the first part of the title with the movie where you got your song. The same actor and the actress was a RS member (Correct me if I am wrong about this)

Dilip D'Souza said...

nikhil, yeah, poor majrooh. It's probably silly, but every time I hear "akela" in any song, I think of bananas.

You mean "milk-cake milk-cake moon", don't you? But another lovely woman there. Was she a RS member?

Anonymous said...

Yes. It is now poor Shailendra's turn.
Regards the lovely lady's RS membership - not sure that is why the question in my earlier post.