February 28, 2006

Safe Tea on those Curves!

Been travelling through parts of Vidarbha, on a trip that's left me full of thoughts and some sadness. But until I get to that ...

... this area is a goldmine for terrific highway aphorisms. Here's a sample.

Impatient on Road, Patient in Hospital.

Even Guns'n'Roses at Full Blast couldn't keep him awake. Stop. Revive. Survive.

Kids move fast. Can't elders drive "slow"? [Yes, with the inverted commas]

January to December, Safety to Remember.

Everything is fine till an accident.

Smaller the Family, Smoother the Journey.

Safety on Roads is Safe Tea at Home.

Slow Toll Booth Ahead.

Drive Your Life Long, Do Not End It With a Screeching Song.

Beware of Three Enemies on Road: Liquor, Speed and Overload.

Cross Speed Limit ends Life Limit.

Death Rides the Speedy Driver.

Death Creeps where Safety Sleeps.

[And now my favourite]

Control Your Nerves on Curves. [Yeah!]


And on that note, they're kicking me out of this cybercafe ...


Anonymous said...

Hillarious! My favourite ones are the Impatient patient and safe tea.

km said...

Gasp! Someone in the Indian Highway department knows Guns 'n Roses?

May I also recommend AC/DC: "I am on the highway to hell, YEEEAEAH!"

Aditya Bidikar said...

Good Collection. My favourite is one I saw in Mumbai:

"Hospital ceilings are boring. Drive safe."

m. said...

what priceless stuff! :)) thanks for putting that up

Anonymous said...

here is some more from me - selfsame Maharashtra but down South towards Goa