February 17, 2006

This hour on the Web

The love and devotion you get from blogging! As I write this, some generous soul out there is surfing the Web, signing me -- little old me -- up for e-newsletters from all over the world! This generous soul has been at it for the last hour, clearly working fingers to the bone. Going by the confirmation email messages, the count of newsletters I'm signed up for over this last hour is up to 27 and counting. Eclectic stuff like Kabbalah, and WebMD, and any number of others.

And you thought this was a busy world, where people have no time to think about their fellow human beings. Here's someone who has spent an entire hour and more on me.

Make that 28.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's better than getting all that Hindu hate mail that you get right? Mind sharing or you saving it for the next blast?

Anonymous said...


You contributing to the fund? How about some online links to accept credit-card donations?

Rs 51-crore reward for Danish cartoonist’s head, says UP Minister

The Minister for Minority Welfare and Haj in the Mulayam Singh Yadav government, Haji Yaqoob Qureishi, has announced a cash reward of Rs 51 crore for anyone who beheads the Danish cartoonist who caricatured Prophet Mohammad.