February 21, 2006

Two links

Pointers that came my way recently:

When it's my turn, I hope I can be a tenth as brave and open about what's happening to me as Tarun is.

And I hope Kartik T will keep the spirit going at Be the Change.


Pareshaan said...

Thanks for the links.

Tarun Jacob said...

Thanks! really appreciate the compliment! I really don't know about being brave though!
I scrolled down and read your write on Dangs district, Gujarat. Anne and I went there about a year ago and conducted free medical camps in many villages for a week. It was a real eye opener. We slept in a hut near the church that was burnt by the activists. Its sad, the way God in whatever form is the reason to hate another man.
Keep up the good writing, am glad my blog was an encouragement.

Anonymous said...

>>When it's my turn, I hope I can be a tenth as brave and open about what's happening

With kind of skeletons in your your papa's closet, I'm not surprised.Same with that imbecile J B D'Souza

Dilip D'Souza said...

Tarun, you're welcome. I should thank you. your statement about the reason to hate is spot on. Yet as you can see, it's all over the place.

Incidentally, I hope you know that I heard about you from Ramani.

Anonymous said...

Who's ramani? Did he contribute a lakh each to Tehelka too? Or does he work in Mrinal Gore's construction company?

Neela said...

Dilip: thanks for posting this link.

Tarun: This is a fabulous, fabulous blog. Good wishes to you in everything you do - for your baby ,your work, your illness everything. And do keep writing.