February 12, 2006

Well, twell

A few days ago, I asked three questions about Bombay. Answers, plus a bonus question:

Where in Bombay would you find the Kamalabai N Brahmandkar Hall? Extra points: what famous institution of middle-class Maharashtrian Mumbai is across the road?

Ans: In Girgaum, on J Shankarsheth Road. Across the road is Waman Hari Pethe, the famous jeweller.

Where in Bombay would you find the words "Boyce Dhanapatel" on a plaque, and why? Extra points: almost directly across the road is a gate into a colony. The bust of a remarkable man is on the left if you walk in. What's his name and why is he remarkable?

Ans: Yazad Jal got the first part of this: "Boyce Dhanpatel Agiary is at Tardeo, a bit further on from Swati Snacks." Across the road is the gateway into the colony Talmakiwadi. The bust near the entrance is of Rao Bahadur Shripad Subbarao Talmaki, the guru of the cooperative movement in India.

Where in Bombay would you find the name "Raggoonathdass Ramlal" on a plaque, and why? Extra points: immediately behind this name is a grand entrance to a building. It's used all the time, but I'm almost certain that you can't use it. Why?

Ans: On a plaque at the bottom of a well outside the Bombay High Court, across the road from the Oval Maidan. The plaque has a large hand-painted sign saying "RCC Mosquito-Proof Well", and this small plaque telling you that it was constructed by Raggoonathdass Ramlal in 1851. Immediately behind is the entrance to the Court that's used by judges; nobody else is allowed to use it.


Bonus question. Where in Bombay would you find these words (note: the "(love)" stands for a heart):
    U (love) all men
    Take God's (love)
    Not a Name or a title
    Within Us ... IM
    God Twells in Us ... IM
    God is Amongst Us ... IM
Extra points if you can tell me what it means. But don't twell on it.

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Anonymous said...

didn't know the answer to any of them!