February 17, 2006

Whatever you spray, sir

From the Mumbai Mirror, February 12 2006.
    Locals told not to approach water buffaloes

    Hampshire: Locals in Hampshire, England, have been told not to approach six missing water buffaloes as "they are able to spray dung across large distances."

    Police believe the animals were stolen, because there was no tell-tale trail of dung at the scene. According to a police spokesperson, "They should not be approached from behind as the animals are able to spray dung across large distances." Water buffaloes have been increasingly used in the UK to produce speciality milk, cheese and yoghurts.
Offered without comment.

But hey, wait a minute! What was that that just landed on my head? I am only 12974 miles from Hampshire, after all. Well within range ... no, but it can't be the buffaloes. I didn't approach them from behind.


Pareshaan said...

HAHAHAHAHA...very funny in a really silly way.

Anonymous said...

Must all those public toilets you visit Dilip.

I remember Varsha Bhosale saying something about you and public toilets in same sentence which was very offensive - to the public toilet I mean.